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A few months ago I was preaching on the subject of thankfulness, and how posturing ourselves to live each day ‘from thankfulness’ is truly life-changing.

As I spoke, I shared some recent testimonies of miracles and healings from everyday life that had happened without any need for prayer. In these scenarios, I often just thanked God for what He was doing and as the other person began to experience His Presence, they realised He was already healing them.

Pete reveals the pitfalls of false humility and how dangerous this is for us as Christians and people responsible for the health of others. The good news is that delighting in yourself gives access to all the incredible things God has put inside you!

Mike shares some foundational wisdom on how to share testimonies in a way that's honouring and professional!

Pete offers some of heaven's wisdom on how to be carriers of God's power in a way that honours people.

If someone told you that there were 4 things you could do to guarantee more of the miraculous in your life, what would your reaction be?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Continuing his series about the river inside us, Pete examines one of the possible pollutants: unbelief.

At one of our recent locality group meetings, we were amazed as we heard story after story of God breaking through into the healthcare world in miraculous ways... from volunteer chaplains seeing legs instantly healed in emergency rooms, to support workers releasing such tangible levels of peace that the atmosphere completely changes each time they go to work.

Pete explains how we're all conduits for heaven's life to flow through and impact the world around us.

According to Professor Bruce Lloyd of London's South Bank University, “the critical issue is not change but trust”.

This is consistent with research by Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group, San Francisco. In his, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, Lencioni illustrates how in an executive team trust is a fundamental platform for a co-ordinated effort forward.

Happy New Year!

We're so excited by what God's doing in healthcare and are believing for incredible things to happen in you and through you in 2019. You may have read Pete's article just before Christmas in which he mentioned an interview he did recently for Premier Christian Radio, sharing the vision and the good news of what's happening. Here's the link to the podcast for you to listen to in full! Enjoy!

As we enter into the Christmas and New Year period I want to give you an update on developments within Heaven in Healthcare and share some of our good news.

This morning I did an interview for Premier Radio on this subject; it was recorded and will be broadcast as part of their “The Leadership File” series sometime in January. As I was talking it helped me recall God’s faithfulness and the joy and privilege of being part of His unfolding plan on the earth.

Whenever we get together as a team at Heaven in Healthcare, we’re always overwhelmed by God’s goodness. Since we last met together at our September conference, we’ve heard story after story of people who are seeing God do incredible things in the area of healthcare - from hairdressers bringing the miraculous to elderly care homes to new healthcare initiatives being birthed on the other side of the world.

As we continue to grow the Heaven in Healthcare digital platform, we’re adding more and more of these to our Stories page - and I’d encourage you to check them out and also upload your own. We’d love to hear what’s happening in your world!

I’ve always been involved in youth work, and have long held a passion to see young people loved through their toughest times. As a teenager, I struggled with depression and anxiety and resorted to self-harm. I've seen God do amazing work in me and He set me free from so much. Because of this, I'm a strong believer in God's power to set others free, and have a particular heart for young people struggling with these issues.

Are you allowed to demonstrate your faith at work?

This is a question that is commonly asked in the arena of health provision and one which we are keen to provide answers for through Heaven in Healthcare.

Basically the answer is “Yes”, the next question is “How?”

We're so excited about the way that God is moving in the arena of Healthcare, to see the way that He is stirring the hearts of so many health workers across many nations to bring the realities of Heaven into their areas of work and life itself.

We're already hearing of many wonderful things such as Christians providing “wellbeing” training for hospital staff, volunteer hospital chaplains welcomed into A&E departments by staff who recognise the benefit of their presence in those pressurised environments, and a Christian hairdresser working in care homes for the elderly and seeing some breakthroughs with dementia. 

We hear a lot about how hard things are for the NHS. And the reality is, a lot of it’s true. But no matter how big the problems seem to get, God has a solution to every need. And that’s how we started ED Pastors.

Four years ago, I was working as a volunteer prison chaplain, and my wife Amanda was an A&E nurse. I was hearing from her first hand about the challenges facing the department. A&E departments are really a microcosm of society at large. You have the sick, the elderly, the poor, and many more - all in one place. Throw in the harshness of a cold winter and budget pressures and you have all the ingredients you need for a very difficult situation. We’ve all read news reports about increased waiting times and growing patient needs. The department was under all kinds of pressures.

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